Picasso's Motorcycle - literary fiction by Marc Sercomb

Picasso's Motorcycle -- historical fiction book promotion Marc Sercomb

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Ten-year-old Daniel is newly-orphaned when he is unceremoniously dropped off to live with his Uncle Emile in the sleepy French village of Nulle in 1936.  Distant and imperious at first, Emile takes issue with the fact that Daniel is half German, and treats him harshly.  As Daniel struggles to find his place in the sometimes unforgiving social climate of the village, Emile slowly begins to warm to him as Daniel's true character of loyalty, courage, and integrity emerges.  Then an unexpected gift of an old motorcycle with a tragically romantic past sets Daniel on the course of becoming a motorcycle racer and hurls him into the thick of things as war breaks out and his life changes forever.  Classic coming-of-age elements such as first love and acceptance into a community lead into a stark, touching examination of trench warfare from an unusual angle. Appealing characters, startling plot twists, and a liberal dose of comedy make for a historical novel that’s as fun as it is illuminating.

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