The Fallen Guardian - a debut young adult fantasy by Anthony Chaveleh

The Fallen Guardian - a debut young adult fantasy book promotion sites Anthony Chaveleh

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The most powerful and ancient evil resurfaces. The only way to stop it from destroying civilization is by freeing the five original, immortal dragons. Reth and Calig may be the key to their freedom, but letting the dragons loose may have consequences. Is there another way?

Reth and Calig don’t know of each other, and they have vastly different backgrounds and skillsets. In fact, Reth doesn’t even know his skills. He has no memories. All he knows is he needs to find an amulet, and he needs to find it soon. Each person Reth meets on his journey reveals more of his past and his destiny, but not everyone can be trusted.

Calig, on the other hand, holds one of the most powerful and prestigious roles: protecting the realm from dragons. So when a dragon escapes a presumably inescapable barrier for the first time in a thousand years, Calig must chase it down and discover the cause. On the way, though, he realizes the dragon’s escape may herald something much worse. A stray dragon is the least of his concerns. 

Somehow, Reth and Calig's fates have been intertwined. Something pulls them to the same place. To the same goal. As they make their separate journeys, the people they meet reveal more of the bigger picture. Of course, not everyone is who they say they are…