A Summer of Discreet Indiscretions - erotica by A. Harrington

A Summer of Discreet Indiscretions - erotica book promotion sites A. Harrington

The vintage erotica with a wink continues in book 2 of The Discreet Indiscretions series.  We find the recent school graduates off for a summer of more worldly and erotic adventures that go far beyond what they experienced at school. Our young women are about to find out just how well they learned their lessons from Headmistress Whipping-Harder, the pleasures of being very naughty indeed, and maybe even finding their perfect matches. Enemies can make the hottest play partners and kitchens have some very surprising doings late at night. Upstairs and downstairs, the sexual antics heat up and shocking secrets are revealed about our stern, dominitrix of a Headmistress.