Murderous - a gripping new thriller by David Hickson

Murderous - a gripping new thriller book promotion sites David Hickson

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 4/14/2021 - 4/18/2021!

Did you know that action thrillers, stories of an individual fighting against the corrupt machine of government and the wealthy, happen all over the world? Even at the southern tip of Africa! Reviewers of the first book in the Gabriel series of thrillers found it refreshing to read a story that was not set in a major US or European city. 

Murderous is set in Cape Town, South Africa … beautiful, but possibly dangerous, with corruption lurking just below the surface. It is the second book in the series of gripping action thrillers set in the turbulent political landscape of South Africa. Murderous has been described as “that rare bird, scarce in Africa as well as elsewhere, that is to say, it is a sequel that is better than the first in the series – and the first was very well done.” 

The Gabriel series tells the story of Ben Gabriel, an ex-special forces assassin who has been dishonorably discharged and finds himself spiralling into a life of crime. 

Murderous is a political thriller, but also the story of an individual fighting the machine of corrupt powerholders. And the story of a heist team hoping to pull off the heist of the decade. 

At the beginning of Murderous a massacre in a small country church threatens to tip South Africa into civil war. The Department of State Security turn to ex SAS soldier Ben Gabriel to discover the truth: was it genocide, or murder? 

But Gabriel might not be the perfect man for the job because he has a few problems of his own, not least of which is the fact that he is on the run as a suspect in the biggest gold heist in living memory! 

If you like the works of John le Carre, Len Deighton and Mark Dawson, stories of the underdog who questions authority, and the daring capers of those who break the law to find the truth, then you’ll love this breathtakingly fresh thriller from David Hickson.