Last Chance To Save American Democracy - new political science title by Haven McVarish

Last Chance to Save American Democracy: Republicans Will Permanently Take Power in the 2022–2024 Elections Unless Democrats Follow This Plan by Haven

In Last Chance to Save American Democracy, political strategist Haven Scott McVarish takes us through the intentional dismantling of democracy begun by Republican party funders after Obama's landslide in 2008. These funders and their willing Republican servants weaponized unlimited dark money, extreme gerrymandering, voter suppression and diversionary propaganda to make it impossible for Democrats to effectively govern or win a majority. Only Trump’s massive unpopularity allowed Democrats to barely win the trifecta in the 2020 elections.

In this masterful and compelling political analysis, McVarish unveils a set of 12 comprehensive solutions for our besieged democracy along with an organizing plan to get these solutions into law. McVarish shows Democrats exactly how they must fix the filibuster, reform the Supreme Court, revise the Electoral College and Congress to provide fair representation, and equalize voters’ influence through campaign finance reform, to name a few, all without needing constitutional amendments.