The Mass of Men - an engrossing novel by Rachel K. Wentz

The Mass of Men - an engrossing novel book promotion sites Rachel K. Wentz

They huddle in a darkened doorway, swallowing their fear and awaiting the signal. The fire starts small, building rapidly as it draws breath, consuming everything in its path. Only then can they enter - on hands and knees - to battle the most elemental of forces. This is how firefighters are made.

For the cadets of Class #64, their training ushers them into a new world, one in which their very survival depends on strength, courage, and determination. They will be relentlessly tested. Some will succeed, some will be broken, and the bonds they form will surpass any they have known before.

For Samantha, the lone female in the group; for Ty, a fellow cadet; and for Commander Daniels, who oversees their training, these bonds are intensified and defined by the rank structure in which they move.

Throughout the course of their training, the cadets will not only be transformed mentally and physically, they will evolve emotionally. They will combat their weaknesses, confront their fears, and break through barriers.

And for Sam, Ty, and Daniels, their lives will be changed forever.