Aeon - a bold science fiction adventure by Stephen L. Nowland

Aeon - a bold science fiction adventure book promotion sites Stephen L. Nowland

Every day is a struggle for survival on the fallen colony world of Paragon, and for Zinada Fierro, the search for life saving medicine among the ruins makes things that much more difficult. Equipped with her tools and the expertise to run and hide from anything threatening, she scours the land for the rare drug that keeps her alive. 

More than just the need to survive, she’s also driven by a powerful desire to find out what caused the collapse of an advanced society, uncovering clues in her travels and hoping to one day find the truth. 

When a travelling merchant goes missing with a delivery of her precious medicine, she teams up with an ancient and deadly android to discover what happened to him and, together, stumble across a growing threat in the region to them and everyone else scraping by in the frontier towns built from the debris of a lost civilisation. 

Recovering a mysterious drug called Aeon, the entire town is surprised to learn they’ve become the target of a vicious gang, come seeking their prize. With the drums of war beating in the north, Zinada must organise the locals and use her unique talents to search the land for an edge in the coming confrontation – weapons, relic technology, and allies, to stand against this new power. 

They’re joined by an odd assortment of survivors – a genetically enhanced raven with a knack for technology, a rusting, relic robotic tank with serious memory issues, and an alien whose parents were marooned on the planet decades ago, who now hides from her terrible life with sex and drugs.

Together, they match wits with an unexpected foe, one who has been manipulating events on the planet for a long time. 

Aeon is a fast-paced adventure with mystery, action and humour.