Rain City Lights - a gritty, urban love story by Marissa Harrison

Rain City Lights - a gritty, urban love story free book promotion by Marissa Harrison

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Two at-risk teens navigate Seattle's Underground during the 1980s. As they grow up, will they be able to stay together, or will life's hardships force them apart for good? 

Rain City Lights is a romantic and suspenseful coming-of-age story about a young woman named Monti. As the challenges in Monti's home life become harder to ignore, and as her feelings for the boy next door turn into something exciting, foreign and scary, Monti must reconcile the adult workings of Seattle Vice against her own heartbreak. As she confronts the tragedies in her life, Monti will come to understand the meaning of survival for those who are marginalized, and the unconditional fight for the people she loves the most.

The inspiration for this story came piece by piece, as I began to learn more about my hometown and the years that created the world into which I was born. As a new adult, I was faced with the hard truth about addiction and it’s impact on my family, and the undeniable need to understand the root cause of this disease. While reading a true crime book about the Green River Killer, I learned about the murders of young sex workers in the Seattle Metro area. I found myself wanting to know everything about those vulnerable women and the paths that led them to such a horrifying end. I asked myself this question: why does a teenage girl end up on the streets in the first place? Writing this book was my humble attempt to answer it, and to give one fictional girl the ending she deserves.