Take Me Out - a comedic romantic thriller by Zac Perry

Take Me Out - a comedic romantic thriller book promotion by Zac Perry

Online dating becomes much worse once Lyla accidentally adds assassins to the mix. 

Lyla and her father have become distant since her mother passed away.  She spends most of her time at college while her father has dove headfirst into his new job.  So when she discovers (she assumes) a dating site on her father's laptop, and sees that he's getting back out there, she decides there's no harm in it and signs up for an account as well; especially if her first date later that evening with Jameson doesn't go well.

She uploads a profile of herself to the site -- "Take Me Out"-- then inputs 5 keywords to find potential matches .  What she has unwittingly done though is sign herself up to be assassinated by "professional" killers who match her keywords.  She meets Jameson at a local restaurant near the city park and is quickly followed there by the first assassin.  

Each assassin seems to be bent on ruining her date as each one attempts to fulfill their contract.

Randall blunders his way through a restaurant assassination attempt, LaBelle interrupts their viewing of a local theatre production, and Travis crashes a Fraternity party.  However, all four assassins secretly fear the fifth assassin that is after Lyla and secretly hope to collect their bounty before He can get involved.

Fans of larger- than-life characters, female lead stories, Marvel's quips, and a darkly humorous take on online dating will fall in love with Lyla and the story of "Take Me Out"