Female Preferred - a sereindiptious rom com by Monty C. Floyd

Female Preferred - a sereindiptious rom com book promotion sites Monty C. Floyd

When New York City brings together an East German girl and an American boy—anything can happen—maybe even love—in this story that strays from the typical romance novel in that men and women alike can enjoy.

This is my first novel, and I thought what better way to jump in than to write what what I know … Female Preferred is a snap-shot of NYC in 2002, and how my wife of eighteen years (three children), and I serendipitously found love in the fabulous city of seven million as roommates.  It's written from Connor's point-of-view of how he and Brigitte met and fell in love, thereby offering a slightly different tone than most rom-coms, which I think makes it more fun--a quick story a couple could read and discuss while on a weekend getaway.