Realm of the Banished: A Skyborne Series Novel by Jennifer M. Waldrop

Realm of the Banished: A Skyborne Series Novel book promotion sites Jennifer M. Waldrop

Vera was anointed as the Chosen One at the onset of her training.

She would be their  hero, the one who would retrieve the ancient relic capable of ending their banishment and returning the Skyborne to their beloved home realm, Idia.

Yet ten years later, her powers never fully developed as expected.

And to them she was a tool, she was expendable.

But Vera’s fortitude proves to be undefeatable.

Once free from the confines of a life shrouded with secrets and manipulation -- she faces a new challenge -- one with consequences that are far more lethal.

Unrest permeates the territories. Regent Karish’s handsome son is out for revenge and a new enemy is breeding an aerial army capable of blocking the Skyborne from their source of power.

Vera is torn between accepting her fate as the hero and losing the freedom she fought so valiantly to attain.

Find out what path she takes in Realm of the Banished, a captivating new adult fantasy adventure!