The Adults in the Room: A Tim Hall Mystery by Jeffrey Mechling

The Adults in the Room: A Tim Hall Mystery book promotion by Jeffrey Mechling

If the fate of the nation was in the palm of your hands…. Would you revisit a forgotten past, just to risk it all?

A former CIA operative, Tim Hall believed his life had moved on for the better after a forced resignation. His memories lost after a tragic accident, he could only recall bits and pieces of his previous spy-work days, with flashbacks returning in the form of dreams and nightmares.

After falling in love with a voluptuous local bartender in Baltimore, Tim was finally looking forward to spending the rest of his days in peace and harmony. A shadow of his former self, this was an opportunity to redeem himself from the life of sabotage and global intelligence.

Unfortunately, behind the veils of secrecy, interested parties were constantly watching his every move…

Following a brief visit by a very familiar face, Tim’s world came crashing down again as he was thrust back into the fray of national security. Informed of his importance in saving America from enemies within, he will need to claw his way back into action before the country falls prey to chaos and anarchy.

Why was he the only one chosen for the job, unlike others in active duty? Was there something deeply hidden inside his lost memories? Was he holding the key to America’s future?

As Tim carefully traverses through the intricate webs of lies, manipulation and deceit, it would seem to him that not everyone is who they appear to be…

The Adults in the Room is a nerve-wrecking story laden with treachery, seduction and path to redemption. You will find yourself asking for more, as you start questioning everything about Tim’s life and the people around him.