Heroic Care: 35 Writers & Artists Show What It Means To Care edited by Betsy Ellor

Heroic Care: 35 Writers & Artists Show What It Means To Care edited by Betsy Ellor - book promotion sites

This anthology started out with a simple challenge. Show us what it means to care. It was set for writers and artists around the world and of any age. There were no genre, no length, and no form limitations. It could be about lovers, parents, strangers, pets, anything that might speak to readers.  

HEROIC CARE  is a multi-genre anthology of single-sitting reads that takes on the question of what it means to care with stories, poems, micro-fiction, art, and comics. It grew organically, starting with a Zoom call to some creative friends each dealing with social isolation and languishing. There is no writing project more socially connecting than editing an anthology, so it was a good time for this great endeavor.  

Most anthologies set out with specific parameters in mind. I wanted to be a little more vague and let the submissions I received determine the theme. I love variety and the submissions I received did not disappoint. I was delighted by the quality, and knew this collection would fill readers with surprise and joy.  Here are some examples. 

A refugee mother sacrifices to provide for her children

A salty old author brings together a 20th-century father and son

New romance blooms in New York’s winter snow

In a dystopian world, one civil servant confronts how much she’s willing to give to save the species

A dog walker secretly runs a much darker enterprise for the good of her charges

As I began compiling the final anthology, one unifying truth emerged: To care is to be brave. The act of caring about something or someone means allowing in the possibility of not only infinite joy but also infinite pain. It is always the things we care about most which cause us the most heartache. Yet, despite that huge risk, nearly everyone chooses to care every day. When I had all the submissions in front of me I stumbled on an Edward Albert quote: “The simple act of caring is heroic.” This became the organizing thesis.  

The final 43 entries come from 35 writers and artists from 11 states and 4 countries. In the month the book's been out it’s received many excellent and even broke into the top 30 in multiple categories on Amazon. I believe the theme resonates with a surprising number of readers, because we have all had to contemplate what we care about again and again this last year. I hope it continues on helping readers find heroism in all the ways they care.