Snatched Up to Heaven by Jemima Paul and Arvind Paul

Snatched Up to Heaven - religious, parenting and relationships book promotion by Jemima Paul and Arvind Paul

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“I had a dream about heaven!” exclaimed Priyanka. Running up to her mom one morning, four-year-old Priyanka nonchalantly mentioned that Jesus had taken her and her two-year-old sister Deepika to heaven during the previous night. In the days that followed, the sisters amazed their parents with their vivid descriptions of what they saw and experienced in heaven and hell over the course of several visits there.Within the constraints of their limited preschool vocabulary, the girls described deep theological truths about eternity that often belied their years, speaking with remarkable clarity and boldness. Their mom initially recorded their testimonies in a written journal as well as a video log. Now, for the first time, “Snatched Up to Heaven” documents their true accounts alongside the purifying lens of the Word of God.While much of the narrative focuses on our after-life destinies, “Snatched Up to Heaven” will give you a fresh perspective on how to live a life of eternal significance today.