TEXAS DEAD - mystery/thriller by William Gensburger

TEXAS DEAD - mystery/thriller by William Gensburger - book promotion sites

Everyone is hooked by Texas Dead. This character-rich, highly detailed murder mystery will keep you captivated by the characters: Detective Maxie Michaels, a kick-ass, no-nonsense powerhouse, her partner Kobi Jameson, cool, level-headed, loyal, Devin Parker, an almost-Pulitzer-prize reporter whose interest in the case is personal. When a series of murders in Corpus Christi—all the victims shot in the back of the head—plagues the city, and when a prominent financial genius is also found murdered, and not in the same way, celebrity detective Mackenzie ‘Maxie’ Michaels and her partner Kobe Jameson, must race to find the person responsible before more murders and a full-on gang war occurs. 

“...I was totally hooked and could not put it down.  

The book has good suspense and an interesting backdrop and story line.  I loved the ending….. tell me more!!!!!  Very interesting characters, I could picture each of them, I particularly liked Jameson…. Can’t wait for the next Mackenzie Michaels mystery…..”  ~Jane Blomstrand, Author, ‘Meet the Principal: My Journey Beyond the Curriculum’

“Mystery & Crime lovers, I suggest you don't miss this one.  I got hooked within the first few pages. There are more twists and turns than in a corkscrew right to the end.”   ~JC Ryan author of the best selling Rex Dalton thriller series.