The Dual Path: An Earth to Stars Adventure - Fantasy book by AnnaMariah Nau

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Have you felt there must be something more or been touched by that sense of magic and wonder that lifts your soul and draws you to search past what you’ve been told is real? You peek into the dark places, and in doing so, you bring out the light. When the goddess/angel/fairy/aunt opens the way in and invites you to “live the world,” and you feel a tingle or a longing deep inside, you don’t need to know what it means, just that there’s something in you that responds deeply.  

This book is for all the misfits, optimists, and dreamers who’ve sometimes given up because it seems the world you seek to live is not the world that is today. You often feel on the verge of giving up because what’s the point of being the only one holding this dream. 

What would you do if your eccentric, possibly magical aunt invited you to learn to “live the world”? Would you accept even if you had no idea what she meant?

Twelve-year-old Zemma said, “Yes!” And the magic began.

When twelve-year-old Zemma agrees to spend the summer with her Aunt Joy, she hopes for a peaceful, not-too-boring vacation from her parents. But from the moment she sees her aunt dancing up the road in her kaleidoscopic dress, she realizes she’s in for an adventure. 

Soon Zemma abandons everything she thought she knew about herself and the “real world” as she claims a new name, dives into a magical book, embarking on the dual path to discover her own surprising powers. They encounter mythical creatures, meeting talking animals and trees, traveling from the Earth to the stars, and join a joyful, wise-cracking band of travelers. 

It’s not just the magical creatures that surprise her. However, she is fascinated to learn the true story about the disappearance of unicorns and to discover that “pretend” creatures like Puff the Magic Dragon are based on real interdimensional friendships. It turns out there’s a logical science to the magical world. As she masters its tools, she learns that her mind has no limits. Zemma learns how to fish by simply inviting her dinner into a net. And she flies with the help of an amazing bicycle created only for her. All the while, Aunt Joy offers her guidance as she challenges everything she ever believed – and finds out that becoming a woman means claiming her true gifts, learning to laugh, and embracing the impossible.

As they go on their way, Zemma and Aunt Joy help people and make powerful friends, but also see signs of a terrible curse stifling the world: the dead-eyed ones. Clever and dangerous, these entities cast mind-dulling spells on whole towns, replacing delight and passion with drudgery and conformity. In this first book of the Earth to the Stars series, Zemma must decide if she will return to the ordinary world or leap into the next with her new friends to join the fight for freedom and creativity.