Time Plague: Book Four of the Marc McKnight - Time Travel Adventures by Kim Megahee

Time Plague: Book Four of the Marc McKnight - Time Travel Adventures by Kim Megahee - book promotion sites

In 2036, Marc McKnight and his team of time travel experts fight to prevent an extinction level plague in their future.

Their success or failure depends on Rachel Patterson, an unbalanced and homicidal time traveler they captured in the future. But they don’t know a clandestine Operative from 2086 is working to free Rachel and take her back to the future.

The Operative will stop at nothing to complete her mission, and McKnight and his team stand in her way.

Angered by radical billionaire George Kosar’s continuous interference in United States politics, the American President in 2036 orders Marc McKnight’s time travel team to kidnap him in 1986, when he is a young man just getting started on his career.

Against their better judgment, McKnight and his team follow orders and the result is a world-wide plague that wipes out the population of the world in the 2070s.

McKnight’s team is unable to reverse the original kidnapping, forcing them to change, review, and react to steer history back to its original course.

To check change results, McKnight depends on the memories of Rachel Patterson, an incarcerated time traveler who is violently obsessed with him.

Unbeknownst to McKnight, a dangerous, emotionless female Operative has been dispatched from the future to rescue Rachel, regardless of the cost and impact on history.

McKnight and his team must fight off this murderous Operative and prevent both the revolution and the plague.

Time Plague is Book 4 of the Marc McKnight Time Travel Adventures series.