WHO'S YOUR DEMON? - Spirituality book by Henry Enrix

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Henry Enrix, the author of Who's Your Demon? believes that the invisible world is more real, and more imminent that the physical world.  It is so incredible that is laughable because goes against everything that you knew as the TRUTH in your entire life.  

If you read, study, and understand this book, you shall be able to: 

Burn it down, and curse its author, and curse God, IF YOU ARE TOTALLY DEMON POSSESSED!!! or

Repent of your sins, ask God for forgiveness, and liberation, and inherit eternal life

Enrix states that your mind will go into seven thousand revolutions per second trying to cope with the TRUTH of GOD, and trying to escape from the understanding of the hidden in plain sight, natural things of this universe, such as: 

Sleeping giant mountains all over the earth (the return of the gods),

Entire islands made up in the shape of animals,

Huge hills shaped like ancient reptiles, and dinosaurs,

Entire coast line shaped like an ancient dragon,

Entire cities built on giant human beings made of rock,

Entire lakes' surface made of hexagon patterns,

Entire ancient nephilim cities from the times of Noah, buried under deep lakes, and under the jungles around the world,

Entire ancient nephilim cities (underground cities) built under the world's surface, 

Colossal tunnels dug under the earth (inner earth),

Incredible flat top mountains.

The dimensions of time, space, and matter will collapse before your very eyes, and you will be teleported through the vortex of a stargate to an epoch of unreal, unimaginable, historical times, and events, and people, and animals that you did not have the slightest idea they existed. 

Henry Enrix welcomes you to the unknown world where the dinosaurs roamed among man, and the nephilim giants of the earth, and the helios, and the hybrid beings of mithology, and made their prints on soft mud solidified into rock all over the earth, during the times of Noah.  

Your eyes are going to come out of their sockets when you learn about the super advanced weapons, science, and technology (UFO's) that the nephilim used, and that we find all over the earth, and reverse engineer in our present day, and time. 

Henry Enrix says in his book: Who is Your Demon? That you will not believe your mind when he tells you in detail where the hidden treasures in gold are by the tons in your own home state.

Enrix, even goes further to inform you of a 10,000 nephilim, half man-half monkey fallen army, which lays down beneath the earth, sleeping eternally waiting for NASA to discover it, and deceive the entire world about the “Missing Link Evolution” between man, and ape, so EVOLUTION can become king over CREATION among the Satan worshiping world who believe in it. 

There are only two sciences in the entire universe: THE TRUTH, and THE LIE!  There are only two schools of thought in the entire universe: EVOLUTION, and CREATION.  There are only two powers in the entire universe: GOOD, and EVIL. 

You don't want to believe the TRUTH? Then, believe the LIE!!  God said: Let the dogs (the ones who reject the TRUTH) return, to eat their own vomit! And, Let the filthy, get filthier some more until the end of times. 

Don't wait any longer, read it, or listen to it completely, do your own research, judge it, check it out with the Word of God in the Bible, and the other books endorsed by the Bible, and draw your own conclusions. 

If you believe the TRUTH, you will be able to see inside the eyes, and mind of the greatest being in the universe: Your Omnipotent God YHWH Elohai Elohim!!!