Changing the Game: Your Guide for Transforming Wild Game - cookbook by Craig J. Tomsky

Changing the Game: Your Guide for Transforming Wild Game by Craig J. Tomsky - book promotion sites

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Changing the Game will provide sportsmen with detailed guidance and techniques that will up their food game and the enjoyment of their harvests when taking it directly from field to fork. Author Craig Tomsky has coupled his uncompromising love of great food with his passion for hunting, and has identified key factors that will reduce or eliminate the undesirable "gamey" flavors that result from inadequately processed and prepared game. He has also developed and refined many recipes to complement each game's most desirable flavors that will transform your game meat into delicious finished dishes.

Changing the Game is a complete playbook that takes the reader from caring for the game after the harvest, through Craig's "keys to changing the game"-specific techniques used during the butchering and preservation processes that will positively impact the flavor and tenderness of the meat. It lays out a roadmap and recommends equipment that will expediently and efficiently process various types of game. Explanations that support the reasoning behind the preparation techniques are provided via relatable terminology and anecdotes that are sprinkled throughout the book.

Changing the Game finishes with a multitude of delicious recipes that have been enhanced by game meat and Craig's use of complementary ingredients to achieve complex yet delicate flavor profiles for each dish. It also contains recipes for side dishes and desserts, along with wine pairing recommendations, to provide the reader with a complete game plan for an enjoyable evening that will leave dinner guests asking, "Is this really wild game?"