Looking for God by AW Schade

Looking for God by AW Schade - book promotion companies

"If you enjoyed "The Little Prince" or "The Pilgrim’s Progress" you will love this story!

"The book is a diamond in the rough for real, a book that, if it reaches those in earnest about the question of faith and the presence of God, will be a book that is treasured."--Dennis Littrell, “Understanding Religion: Reviews, Essays and Commentary”

“Schade has combined, so eloquently, the facts of many major global religions and woven them into a tender, inspiring and heartfelt novel.”—Catherine Bradford: Host The Wellness Roadshow - Searching for the Whole Being

“I was enthralled with the interweaving of physical and spiritual threads and empowered by the concepts presented throughout his book”—Brenda Arachel: Goodreads Author and book reviewer