Mirrors - An unforgettable Magical Realism tale by Sharon Sheridan

Mirrors - An unforgettable Magical Realism tale by Sharon Sheridan - book promotion
What do you do when no one believes you? When your very existence is constantly plagued by this great pendulum, swinging between the terror of the darkness within the mirror and the sheer magnetism of my desire to go to it? 

I know how hard it is for my mother, having to deal with a daughter who seems to fulfill the very definition of psychotic, but it is real, as real as you or I. I want to be normal, but I cannot escape it.

Part of me has just become accustomed to hiding; to hearing the whispers that seem to resonate deep inside my soul.
My new - my only - friend Tom, appeared like a mirage in glorious technicolor, bringing normality and laughter into my world. I am no longer the social pariah, the weird girl who is constantly alone; now I have Tom. 
But with Tom in my life, my only ally, why have these entrancing whispers from the mirror grown even more intense, disturbing my dreams now as well as my waking world? 
Who is it that calls to me?
What do they want?
Why me?

Callophrys watches her from a world beyond the glass, a world he knows is far too dangerous for Nova to ever enter, but he cannot let her go; for him there is no choice, there never has been. He will reach, and he will keep her.

Read the compelling magical romance Mirrors, a tale that will stay with you long after the last page has been turned.