Scam A-Lama Hardball - A Funny, Noir Rock Star Rip off by Jinx James

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A fading rock star is desperate to make a comeback. The mystery is who is out to ruin him?

It’s a fast-paced comedy crime scam series with scandal, dodgy schemes and even dodgier contracts, plus intrigue, sexy back-up singers and, of course, dark humour.

When Rock Star Marc Charles goes to sign the recording contract for his big, new album he discovers there’s a tricky catch - isn’t there always?
He has to sing a shitty song as part of the deal. Is someone out to wreck the fading star’s comeback plans?

Marc and his kid, Jasper, manage to rejig it into what eventually sounds like a hit. But then the crap hits the blender. First it’s the Taxman. Then a half-witted secret agent from ICAC, the corruption watchdog. Plus problems with Marc’s’s hunky-junkie producer, a crass Shock Jock, groupies, wannabes, some nice and nasty Bosnians, high stakes on the internet, and Marc’s usual bedroom antics. He’s fallen head-over-hocks for Sam, the PR Princess. The album almost gets canned, but finally, against all odds, he finishes it. This is Marc’s last shot at hitting it big again, winning Sam’s heart and making it home to Rock Valhalla. What could possibly go wrong?

Fast paced and off the wall, SCAM A-LAMA HARDBALL will keep you hooked with its plot twists and blistering humor, right until the Bitter Lemon. For fans of Carl Hiaasen.