The Haunting of Barrington Heights Estates - A chilling True Story of the paranormal by Raylee Anne Mckenna

The Haunting of Barrington Heights Estates - A chilling True Story of the paranormal by Raylee Anne Mckenna - book promotion sites

True Story

When an excited family from the South builds their new dream home in the new upcoming community of Barrington Heights Estates, the last brick couldn’t be laid fast enough. Having the many acres for the children to run and play was only one of the many benefits that led so many families to buy this much-sought-after section of real estate.

The Barrington family had held on to their large, prized tract of land through many generations. Still, since the property contained around a thousand acres, “which could have easily been its own city,” plus add in a brand new modern elementary school that was scheduled to open its doors for the first time in 1967,  families were flocking from all over the south for a chance to buy into this amazing location.

5-year-old Raylee Anne’s family indeed felt lucky to be moving to such a lovely area,  but as the Barrington family moved on to various locations, they left behind some of their family secrets.

When a next-door neighbor shows Raylee Anne’s father the remnants from the old Barrington family cemetery that was located in his backyard, along with grave markers and headstones; It  became quite difficult for her young mind to comprehend what that meant, but when the neighbor convinces Raylee Anne’s father to take some of the markers to their new home , they got more than they bargained for .

As Raylee Anne grows up, she constantly endures torture from unworldly phenomena, as well as the frequent torments of a paranormal haunting, it was no wonder that young Raylee Anne’s health was deteriorating rapidly.

It wasn’t until Raylee Anne’s mother, “ now in her early eighty’s,” and still living at the same house in Barrington Heights Estates fifty years later, that she, herself, would become the target of a horrific curse and chilling hauntings, that almost took her life.

 In those dreadful moments, the rest of the family had to come to grips with the stories of ghostly torments of a then little Raylee Anne, and how her cries were to no avail for so many years,  because she was told “Ghost can’t hurt you !

You would get a different answer to that today…....

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This book also has links to the actual videos and audios on YouTube. “ The Haunting of Barrington Heights Estates.”