Daughter of the Sky - a historical time-travel romance by Alison Blasdell

Daughter of the Sky (Touch the Sky) by Alison Blasdell - book promotion companies

Two women, their lives separated by 500 years, and yet, they are connected.

Daughter of the Sky is a fast-paced adventure that takes the reader on a captivating trip back and forth between Medieval and contemporary times—a story steeped in history, imagination, mystery, and a bond unbroken since the beginning of time.

Nine months have passed since Jennifer fell unconscious while at the British Museum and began seeing life through the eyes of Bronze Age Priestess Cela. Those visions have finally ended, and Jennifer is hoping she can resume a normal life. That wish is not to be. The visions have returned, and Jennifer’s life is, once again, thrown into turmoil.

This time, Jennifer sees Lady Gwenivere Tudor, the illegitimate daughter of King Henry VIII of England. The year is 1522. Each vision draws Jennifer more deeply into the life of Lady Gwenivere and the political maneuverings of King Henry and his rival, a powerful earl of Scotland. Kidnapped by a masked renegade, Gwenivere finds she is a pawn in a dangerous game and must rely on her inner strength and intellect to survive.

Emboldened by Gwenivere’s courage, Jennifer, with noted archaeologist Derek Rannoch by her side, begins her own journey to find the truth of who or what she is. But this time, it is not Cela from the Bronze Age or Lady Gwenivere from the Middle Ages whose life is in danger—it is Jennifer’s

Daughter of the Sky is the second book in the Touch The Sky Series. It follows book one, Touch the Sky, but can be read on its own.