Sunday Gravy - a humorous coming-of-age story by Robert Lorenzo

Sunday Gravy - a humorous coming-of-age story by Robert Lorenzo - book promotion companies

Sunday Gravy is a humorous and heartfelt adventure of a group of boys coming-of-age in 1974. Set in the real town of Setauket on New York's Long Island during a summer heat wave, the story deals with first love, first sexual experiences, family and friends.The main character, Tommy Ragusa is in love with the older and beautiful Maria, and although they are intimate, there is the innocence and awakening of first love and discovery.

Rounding out the crew of boys enjoying the freedom of summer during a time of playing in forts and exploring the woods is Tommy's younger brother Eddie, and a neighborhood group of boys fantasizing about a beautiful neighbor known to walk around her house in the nude. After hatching a plan to spy on her one evening, the boys make a shocking discovery which later causes Eddie to disappear.

At the center of the story are the Ragusas, Tommy's Italian-American family. Through the strong family bond he has grown up with, Tommy learns how to deal with deceit, loyalty, and ultimately forgiveness.