The Innocents of War - WW1 War Fiction by Michael Yates

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The war in Europe has be raging for 2 years, and because of the shortage of men at the front, conscription has been brought in in Britain for the 1st time. Ex miners Walter Plum and his older brother Freddie waste no time in volunteering for the Pals division, and to do their bit and take the "King's Shilling" like so many of their friends who do the same, persuaded by the recruiting sergeants rhetoric. But just weeks before they are due to be posted overseas Walter and his old adversary Tom Tickle have some unfinished business. They are bare knuckle fighters, and are due to meet for the unofficial championship of England. In a bruising and vicious encounter the 2 men meet and no quarter is asked or given.

It is several months later when the cowardly Tickle, who has tried to avoid the call up on medical grounds and Walter meet up again in war torn France. As the Pals get ready to go into action, Tickle is reluctant to fight, and his continual refusal to fight put Walter and his friends in mortal danger on more than one occasion! Whilst out on night patrol, Walter and his  mates are caught in the middle of no-mans land, with a German patrol only yards away bearing down on them, but Tickle was nowhere to be seen! 

As the Pals encounter more deadly action it becomes clear that Tickle is putting all their lives in danger. Walter does his best to help Tom, but when he his brought before the company CO for disobeying a direct order, if he is found guilty he will face the firing squad! As the war drags on, the Pals endure some of the most harrowing and terrible horrors of trench warfare, where disease, malnutrition incessant rain, mud and lack of supplies begin to take their toll on the men's morale. Every day becomes a battle to survive not just the German's, but the horrific conditions in which they had to put up with.