True Course - Lessons From a Life Aloft by Brigid Johnson

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True Course: Lessons from a Life Aloft by Brigid Johnson is the story of a woman who yearned to fly and when she did, she had the experience of a lifetime. 

Brigid Johnson grew up in a small town where opportunities were few and far between, especially for women with ambition. But her ambition went above and beyond the usual; she wanted to fly. Aviation was a profession for men, but that didn’t stop Brigid from learning it and owning it. She started with two jobs, education, her dog and her solo flying and moved on to a successful airline career. She was happy with her life and her career, but that all was destined to change when her father’s health deteriorated and he needed help. Now she has to make a tough decision; should she hang up her wings to care for her father or abandon him when she just spread her wings to fly higher?  

From Reader’s Favorite Book Awards – “I have yet to come across a memoir this riveting or engaging. Brigid’s story is better than most novels I have read. Her story is genuine, funny, heart-wrenching, emotional and very personal. I don’t know how she did it, but she made me find myself in her story and the situation she was in. I built an emotional connection with her, so I felt like flying when she was and devastated when she was not. This is one of those books that are written once in a lifetime and they stay with the reader forever. From her word choice to her development, everything was perfect and crafted with deliberate care. This is one of those gems that avid readers crave to find.”