Chained in Darkness Anthology: 2 book collection: C.I.D. Alpha & Omega by Dr. Eugene Barnes

Chained in Darkness Anthology: 2 book collection: C.I.D. Alpha & Omega by Dr. Eugene Barnes - book promotion sites
The enigmatic Chief Detective Wanda Price begins an investigation into another crime scene in Champaign, Illinois.  After many failed attempts, she has finally crashed the glass ceiling that has held her prisoner to mediocrity.

She adds the recently deceased individual to a long list of other unexplained deaths occurring worldwide.  Her detective skills are razor-sharp as she connects a single clue to the mystery.  Her investigation soon leads her to a storefront minister by the name of Kristofer Masters for consultation.  Interaction and tensions between the two of them eventually find them both in the streets of New York, where Detective Price is summarily attacked by unknown assassins. 

While recovering in the hospital from her wounds, Detective Price is visited by Rev. Kristofer's mentor, Professor Aaron Nyabinghi.  The Professor announces that the slate of deaths is connected to a waganga, who is otherworldly controlled. Much to her chagrin, the  Detective is not informed that Rev. Kristofer Masters is astral-traveling, thanks to the intervention of Rabbi Rambam Moshe, a colleague to the Professor.
Numerous other individuals erupt within the telling of Chained in Darkness Anthology that depicts the behavioral nuance of mortal man; whatever is in the well is going to come up in the bucket.  One by one, the diverse characters of the tale lend credence to the fact that there are consequences to one's behavior.  And the death tolls ever-increasingly mount.

To add further insult to injury for Detective Price is the acknowledgment that her nemesis, Charlotte Devereaux, is the witch in question whose antics have endangered the life of Kristofer Masters.

The mysteries of the pyramids are laid bare in Chained in Darkness, as well as the involvement of our Native Americans, trustees to the secrets of the pyramids. If the world is to be saved from being populated by nether beings, then the team of demon slayers must prevail.