In Her Element - a riveting memoir by Selina Delangre

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Selina Delangre has been in the sea salt business for over 30 years, so obviously this woman knows salt. She is the current owner of the most globally recognized natural sea salt brand, Celtic Sea Salt. Following in her father-in-law’s footsteps, Jacques Delangre (author of Sea Salt’s Hidden Powers), Selina writes about her challenges of growing a small family business into a thriving global empire. From the heartache of her mentor’s murder to navigating through the COVID pandemic while keeping her business running, she has learned a lot throughout her journey. Sharing her real life personal and professional stories, Selina goes in depth of her trials as a woman owned business owner and her unique experience as a mother of a special needs son. She shares her knowledge of trends in the natural products industry, her understanding of the science behind healthy sea salt and her wisdom from learning a very spiritual journey as a mother of a son with severe brain damage.

This book is educational, inspiring and insightful for anyone who is a mother, business owner or interested in natural health.