Quest For The Hope Box - Fantasy by John Gorman

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It's finally hatched! The dragon is free to roam, but only under Luma's supervision. Soon the young wizard has her hands full with her new mate and it turns out to be a real troublemaker, too. She has hardly had the chance to bond with the precocious creature when she is sent forth on an important mission at the request of the Archmage Harberk.  

With the help of an unseasoned crew of adventures, Luma must guide her party on a quest to retrieve a mystical box. When she finally discovers the hidden Hope Box, she falls under its spell and it nearly ruins her. Does she have the magic and moxie necessary to match its mystical powers and bring it back to the Archmage? Only time will tell. Find out Luma’s fate in this second book of the Nebilon Series.