Sons of Brutality - Crime/Thriller/Horror book by Daniel Jeudy

Sons of Brutality - Crime/Thriller/Horror book by Daniel Jeudy - book promotion companies

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An intensely suspenseful thriller centering around the investigation of the brutal murder of two young women by a serial killer, Sons of Brutality by Daniel Jeudy is decidedly dark but gripping.

Plumbing the seamy depths, the novel goes underground to find snuff clubs, drug-addled Satanists, occult murder, and the mob. Los Angeles is being bathed in blood as multiple sprees of vicious murders threaten to overwhelm a police department on the brink. Detective Addison Mowbray and his partner Jed are the tenacious sleuths on the hunt for answers, but as they bounce between leads, red herrings, and horrific new crime scenes, it becomes clear that something far more sinister is brewing in the City of Angels. As the trails of bodies begin to overlap, an even deeper evil reveals itself, pushing these veteran detectives, an eccentric medical examiner, and an entire city to the edge of madness.

The novel is a murder mystery at first glance, but there is an ocean of occult intrigue and social commentary lurking beneath the surface, and the contextual choices in this novel couch it as an allegory for our troubled times. Widespread social unrest and the increasing desperation of regular citizens are far from fictional, which makes it even easier for readers to immerse in this tense, pulse-pounding page-turner. Watching how evil forces can take advantage of instability for their own diabolical ends puts a fine point on the existential threats simmering within our own society.

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