The Meeting Point - an unputdownable romcom by Olivia Lara

The Meeting Point - an unputdownable romcom by Olivia Lara - book promotion sites

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $5.49) 10/4/2021 - 10/10/2021!

The romcom you can’t miss this year, from the bestselling author of Someday in Paris asks: could you fall in love at first text? Without ever seeing the other person or even hearing their voice? 

Set in a beautiful, dreamy small town in Northern California, this is a BIG, unconventional love story, with a bit of mystery, a bit of adventure, lovely friendships, smiles and laughs.

The Meeting Point is the story of Maya Maas who flies to San Francisco on her Birthday, hoping to spend the day with her boyfriend, and instead ends up texting with the rideshare driver who found her boyfriend’s phone (after driving him and another woman to a restaurant). Stranded thousands of miles from home, alone and suddenly single, Maya accepts the driver’s unconventional offer to be her guide-by-text for the day. Her plan: visit a cute little beach town, have Birthday dinner alone, then go back to New York. But as she soon discovers, plans can change in a heartbeat!
Come on this 5-star journey to love and laughter, perfect for fans of Beach Read, Josie Silver, and Sally Thorne.