Ascension - a tale of mental illness by Daniel Trump

Ascension - a tale of mental illness by Daniel Trump - book promotion sites

Dalton Lewis grows up young, ambitious, brilliant, and very troubled. He makes waves as early as middle school with a speech about the failings of optimism and the school system. In high school he struggles with friends, depression, and writes for an award-winning school paper. He starts writing novels in college and is expected to write the next bestseller. Shortly after graduating college, however, he starts to talk to people on his phone - while his phone is off. He starts pacing angrily through his apartment all through the night, screaming about unknown offenses. He doesn't talk to his family for weeks. He begins to ignore people when they try to talk to him. Employers fire him repeatedly. He has a total mental and physical breakdown - and that's when he starts a desperate downward spiral. Check out this realistic tale of mental illness by real-life schizophrenic novelist Daniel Trump.