Day of Judgment - a suspense novel by Heath Daniels

Day of Judgment - a suspense novel by Heath Daniels - book promotion sites

Is there justice in America?

Lives and cultures collide in this action-packed adventure!

The Hammond family has worked and lived comfortably in the semi-rural, semi-isolated Appalachian area of southwest Virginia for years until a violent attack against Arabs disrupts their American-dream life. Frank and Brad each live and work in a “don’t ask, don’t tell” environment until violence by disaffected Arabs sends them seeking answers.

Arab-Muslim professionals, Joe and Omar, are committed to seeking justice! Joe, a brilliant young American-born attorney, seeks justice in the courtroom and starts the process of becoming one of the country’s experts on hate crimes. At the same time, his good friend, Omar, an equally brilliant Islamic theologian, seeks justice within the spiritual realms of Allah. Their actions reflect the double entendre in the title Day of Judgment: judgment in the US legal system and judgment before Allah.

Daniels uses characters in fictional contexts from his first book Three Kisses and others he has encountered in this stand-alone novel of intrigue and the fight for justice in America. Characters represent a broad cross section of U.S. society: first-generation Americans struggling to adapt, gay men living in a society in which their identity cannot be exposed, recent immigrants, as well as minorities. Day of Judgment will keep you on the edge of your seat, but will also inform and foster acceptance, understanding, tolerance, and respect.