Death on the Line - historical mystery by Carol Amorosi

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Angus MacKay is a young Scotsman seeking a new life in the American colonies. Self-conscious but eager to please, he is selected to assist Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon on their groundbreaking survey of the colonies of Maryland and Pennsylvania. Tempers are still high after eighty years of skirmishes along that border, including one man’s on-going battle with the law over the territory.

On the way, Angus befriends, Liam O’Connor, an Irishman trying to make a living supporting his small family. Angus is intrigued by the natives who inhabit this strange wilderness. And who is that mysterious one-armed man following him?

Soon, Angus’s dreams are shattered when he trips over a dead body and the local sheriff would like nothing more than to arrest him for the murder!  Will his logical mind learn the truth? Will he find acceptance for himself?

Death on the Line is a murder mystery with an amateur sleuth thrown in the midst of historical events in 18th-century America. Interesting characters from history abound, each with their own agenda, including a rifle-toting minister convinced the natives are responsible.