Letters From 1969: A Time Travel Romance by Arthur Archambeau

Letters From 1969: A Time Travel Romance by Arthur Archambeau - book promotion sites

"A beautiful story which has been perfectly written. Needed a box of tissues for this one."

Right person. Wrong Time.

An Army officer visits a mysterious antique shop and is given a hope chest containing love letters written more than fifty years prior by a nurse in Vietnam.

Dear Reader:
Thank you for considering Letters From 1969. It's a time travel romance in the spirit of Somewhere in Time. If you enjoyed that book/film, I think you will enjoy this as well.
If you lived during the 1960s, this book will take you back to that era, to the music, the culture, and the events that shaped both a nation and a generation. If you didn't live through that tumultuous decade, this novel can serve as a good introduction to a period in history that was like no other. A time of laughter and a time of tears, a time of joy and a time of sorrow, a time of love and a time of hate, a time of peace...and a time of war.
Finally, and most importantly, this book is for all the military nurses who served in Vietnam, for those who gave their all trying to save them all. Thank you for your service and God bless!