Poetically Seasoned - poems of self discovery by Debbie Chilton

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“I express my love of life with a brush and paint. My friend Debbie creates her beautiful images of life with words.”

Philip Barousse, Artist

My poetry is an art form of human expression. A translation of our human experience throughout life’s seasons. It can be seen as either dark and cold or breath-taking goodness and light. That decision is left up to the interpreter and their lens. With that as my guide to living the experience of what I call my life, I have written over 300 poems, which fit into the four seasons. Beginning with Fall, they extended through Winter and Spring, until my growth as a person and author came into full bloom in Summer.

"In this special series Debbie manages to create and capture a spirit of the possible. A world where her words open your own imagination through hers.This sense of freedom she evokes is so very poignant right now, given the global pandemic and lack of movement. She speaks with a unique creative writing that comes from not necessarily her experience on this earth, but perhaps from somewhere else. She is in a sense discovering herself through these beautiful poems."

Mark Dickens, Artist