Crosshairs of the Devil by Yancey Williams

Crosshairs of the Devil by Yancey Williams - self-published book marketing service

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Williams’s latest is a tale about an old man who tries to rise to some unusual challenges in a steady fashion. 

During his younger years, Eddie Jablonski used to be an award-winning crime fiction writer. But now in old age, he finds himself living in room 315 of the Garden of Eden nursing home, with Jenkins, a trusty nursing aide, at his side, thanks to his daughter who only cares for his money. Determined to keep going until the end, Eddies continues writing. But there are people who want to dictate his life, unaware Eddie is one determined old man. The narrative thrives on the frenetic ramblings of an old person and ill-matched incidents. Through Eddie’s first-person narration, Williams traces the disorderly life of his protagonist and reveals the chaotic stories behind the apparent eccentricity of his life. Eddie is everywhere in the narrative which is full of the ghosts from his past, horrendous stories of his tortured childhood, including the severe physical abuse at the hands of his alcoholic father, his intriguing encounters with a myriad of characters, his daily writing containing the first-person accounts of both murder victims and the killer, a prolific mob hitman, Richard ‘The Iceman’ Kuklinski, supposedly Eddie’s first cousin, the past dealings with mobsters and crime bosses, and his everyday conversations with J among others. As Eddie begins to take control of his own life and pursues his writing, he blends the real with the fiction, taking readers on an exhilarating ride into his past. Disillusionment, violence, brutal assassinations, dangerous criminals, unsolved crimes, and romance are the pieces that form the puzzle of Eddie’s story. There is drama and emotion. It's wild and anarchic, rushing backward and forward. Not a book for the fainthearted, Crosshairs of the Devil is violent, crude at times, and most definitely grisly and gruesome. But it's also wonderfully charismatic and utterly compelling.