Dream's Ending - a High Fantasy journey by Watt F. Rhodem

Dream's Ending - a High Fantasy journey by Watt F. Rhodem - affordable book publicity

The Great Work of the Maker has been Shattered. The Firstborn and the Last have clashed, giving birth to tumultuous Strife, a never-ending song of bloody fire and emerald fury. A new Balance has been born betwixt Chaos and Order, tenuously held by those few who recall the lessons of the ancients, and ever dread to repeat their mistakes. One bastion stands resolute. The Concord Kingdom of Solen rises above the tumult, their Peace bought by the draconian Choir and their valorous Chosen. They have long since shepherded their flock, the Accorded Races of elves, dwarves, and men living in harmony, brought back from the brink of endless War. But times change. The Choir of the Archdrakes has disappeared. The Throne stands empty. Red-maned Chaos rides the wind, threatening to shatter the Balance of Creation. The Tides of Strife begin to rise once more, its terrible song still a whisper yet herald to the coming storm...