Metabolic Flexibility: How to Heal Your Metabolism with a Ketogenic Diet by Dr. Bonnie Nedrow, ND

Metabolic Flexibility: How to Heal Your Metabolism with a Ketogenic Diet by Dr. Bonnie Nedrow, ND - affordable book publicity

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Metabolic Flexibility teaches you how to reset your metabolism so that you can easily burn fat for fuel when you need it. This has 2 main benefits, one is never running out of energy and the other is mobilizing and burning excess fat stores to achieve ideal weight and to lower inflammation. As a naturopathic doctor specializing in Environmental Medicine, Dr. Bonnie Nedrow unveils the impact of everyday chemical exposures that cause weight gain. She highlights the importance of detoxification during the weight-loss phase, not only for lasting success but also for safety. This step is critical due to an abundance of chemicals classified as obesogens, chemicals that mimic hormones and cause weight gain. These chemicals store in your fat. When you lose weight they are released into your blood stream with the ability to cause many negative health impacts beyond weight regain. Many people regain weight following a weight-loss program. This can be due to a return to poor lifestyle habits, however obesogenic chemicals are a significant risk factor for yo-yo weight regain. But the book doesn’t stop there. Metabolic Flexibility also explains how sleep and stress impact metabolism and how you can use exercise to stimulate fat burning and build muscle. It also explains how to fast, intermittent or longer, to reach your weight-loss goals. Perhaps the most important concept this book shares is that an exclusive ketogenic diet is not the best long-term nutrition plan. Dr. Nedrow encourages the reader to intelligently experiment with rotation diets that include a ketogenic phase combined with high complex carb options and fasting. Once you have trained your body to burn fat, you can create a nutrition and life-style plan to support health and healthy aging. If you have tried keto before and did not succeed but want to try again, this book is for you. Easy instructions, tracking logs, food lists, quick whole-food keto meals and a complete yet approachable explanation of the science of metabolism.