Odyssey’s Child by John Lockton

Odyssey’s Child by John Lockton - affordable book publicity

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $9.95) 2/2/2022 - 2/4/2022!

"Compellingly readable. Carries you through a world of the darkest evil to brightest joy.” – Bob Waterman, bestselling co-author of In Search of Excellence and many others
For fans of Life of Pi and The Alchemist comes an unforgettable epic that will have you laughing, crying, reveling in the gift of life, and all that is the magic of the Caribbean.
13-year-old Ethan Carpenter is blamed for his mother’s death.
Cast out by a father who now hates him, the newly orphaned teen is soon abducted and held captive on a small, 2-person sailboat in the Caribbean.
Ethan must find a way to survive, but self-blame over the loss of his mother starts to take over.
Does he have the strength to keep his captor at bay while finding a way out of the darkness?
Maybe survival isn’t what he wants anymore…
Nevertheless he finds hope thanks to the other sailor on board, a man who’s equally as trapped, yet seemingly willing to protect Ethan at all costs.
But everyone’s odds dim as the voyage forces them to battle killer storms, predators of the deep, and fantastical and deadly characters waiting along the shoreline.
Lush, evocative, and totally human, Ethan’s odyssey reminds us that life is worth living – and the search for one's true self is the most important adventure of all.