Sell Bigger - A Business Leadership Book by Angela Sutton

Sell Bigger - A Business Leadership Book by Angela Sutton - book promotion companies

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This book helps sales and marketing professionals and business executives to communicate with customers .... so that customers buy from you again and again.

You will learn what to say and exactly how to say it and stage it. You will gain the clarity to communicate online proactively every day, You will learn how to ignite a new conversation with a customer so that you uncover opportunities to make money, all while showing the customer that you care.

You will use the "Sell Bigger" framework to master the five essential components of every communication - Learn how to get your customers’ attention, keep it, and drive to the next step in your sales funnel, rather than being ignored by customers, and rather than killing a sale through overwhelm.

You will learn how to do this using email, voicemails, videos, presentations, sales webpages, online sales funnels, whitepapers, articles, webinars and masterclasses.

Action sheets, examples and blueprints are included to let you put this book to work immediately in your business.

In this book, you will learn:

- The one thing to include in your emails and presentations to make customers think “YES!” and take action right away.
- The #1 reason customers leave (Hint: it’s not price) and what to do about it.
- The one big mistake that guarantees that what you write won’t be read.
- Two things to include in an email or video title to compel quick responses from even the most skeptical customer.
- What visionaries like Steve Jobs do to make customers want what they sell without knowing the details of the offer.
- How to mine existing accounts for future opportunities without any hard selling.
- A five-part communication system that results in customer action.
- How to tap your customer's desire to buy by telling a story.
- How to put these techniques to work using our templates, examples and blueprints