Sparrow - middle-grade historical fantasy by Brian Kindall

Sparrow - middle-grade historical fantasy by Brian Kindall - affordable book publicity

When Timothy Sperling makes a wish on a shooting star, he has no idea just how momentous the results will be.

Momentous, that is, and dreadful!

If only he hadn’t been so careless. If only he could have had a little more faith. As he discovers his mistake, Tim becomes desperate to fix his terrible muddle before the little city of Candela is completely and forever buried in snow. It won’t be easy. After all, no one pays much attention to the quiet boy with the lopsided haircut. But maybe his friends the sparrows can help. And Soteria, the mysterious girl who always seems to show up at just the right moment. In the end though, Tim knows it’s up to him. He’ll have to be heroic and brave, turn this terrible problem around, rescue Candela from the blizzard, and gather all of his daring if he is to finally fulfill the only wish he ever truly wanted in the first place.

A story of adventure and Nature, Sparrow is sure to thrill any young reader who wants to know the secret language of snowflakes and birds.