Testing the Limits - 1930s historical romance by Kate Lance

Testing the Limits - 1930s historical romance by Kate Lance - affordable book publicity

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1930s England: and for a group of friends it seems as if the sunny days of sailing, flying and love will never end.

A deepwater sailing ship takes restless young Eliza McKee to a new life in glamorous London, but when she meets the handsome star of a talking film, it’s not quite the life she expects.

Eliza’s brother Pete yearns to fly, and pilot Billie Quinn can teach him.  Pete calls her a sarcastic, scowling Amelia Earhart, but it’s Billie who knows how much Pete has to learn.

Eliza’s aunt, actress Izabel Peres, hides a secret from the world. Then she falls for lawyer Felix with his buccaneering smile, and a case of shellshock he believes is behind him.

Doctor Harry Bell, Eliza’s old shipmate, loves fascinating Charlotte. But Charlotte just loves flirting and gambling — especially with flyboy Pete’s heart.

For Eliza’s friends, the days of contentment are fading before the gathering dusk of war. And when a great white barque encounters the coast one foggy night, more than an era of sail finds itself tested to the limits.

"Heartfelt and bittersweet. A delightful read, this beautifully written book comes highly recommended." Goodreads