The Maid by Michelle Flynn Osborne and Kay Mann Bowling

The Maid by Michelle Flynn Osborne and Kay Mann Bowling - affordable book publicity

Michelle Osborne and Kay Bowling, authors of The Maid, bring attention to the heinous crime of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They weave interviews with actual human trafficked victims into a single fiction based on facts. The reader connects with the victims’ entrapment, sexual abuse, and a desperate quest for freedom.

In The Maid, fifteen-year-old friends Anna and Rosa find themselves trapped in the dark underworld of sexual slavery within the Costa Rican tourist industry. Anna is imprisoned in a hotel, savagely abused, and forced to service clients under the guise of a maid. To make her imprisonment worse, she is later ordered to care for and mentor three children kidnapped for prostitution. She is desperate to find Rosa and escape with the children, especially before five-year-old Isabella is requested to service her first client. Local missionaries plot an escape plan, but it will take a miracle for everyone to get out before Jose, the leader of a wide sex trafficking operation, uncovers the escape plot and kills his victims. The Maid is a page-turning suspense thriller with a spark of romance. It is the story of anguish, hope, love, and faith. This view into the lives of actual victims will change any previous misconceptions about human trafficking. It will inform and motivate readers to take part in eliminating this booming business going on  world wide.