CDL Minded Business Strategy Collection - Business & Money by Joe Ryder

CDL Minded Business Strategy Collection - Business & Money by Joe Ryder - self-published book marketing service

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If you want to Grow Your CDL (Commercial Drivers License) Business to the Next Level, this book is great if you want to start your CDL or any business. Build and scale a profitable CDL Trucking and/or Transportation Business by marketing and having an established brand. Start your own business, learn how to run the business and experience new freedom.

Develop the mindset of starting, owning and operating a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) Business. This is to help and relieve the stress of most entrepreneurs that want to start their business but don't know how. Also start, build and scale a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) Business by marketing and having an established brand. This will not only help lay down the foundations of marketing (that most CDL Entrepreneurs don't know) but this will also help beginner and current business operators take actionable steps to overcome the challenges of standing out in their CDL Business.

If your vision for your company is to provide top-quality service, the way your
company functions should prioritize giving customers this high-quality experience.

The GAME plan is an acronym that represents the key components of any good
actionable plan for your company. It emphasizes setting specific goals rather than overly general ones that are easy to ignore, as well as making sure your goals are reasonable and measurable. It also encourages you to create a plan that makes you excited to get started right away.

The GAME plan is a deceptively simple formula that produces shockingly powerful results. It is made up of four components. These are making your plan goal-centric, choosing actionable steps, picking goals that are measurable, and setting effective goals and steps toward those goals that you can execute right away.

The common misconception of time is that “time is the most valuable resource.” While time is certainly an important resource, it isn’t nearly as valuable as energy. Your energy has an impact on everything you do, from how much work you can get done in a day to how much passion you have for your business. Without energy, you could have all the time in the world and still not get anything done. It can even help you manage your time well and use it efficiently, which allows you to properly leverage your time. How you use your energy and time will determine how valuable your resources are and how successful you can be.

In today’s marketing world, you can spend hundreds and thousands of
dollars on marketing techniques and ad campaigns. But, you can also
spend your dollars wisely (or take advantage of many directives which
are free or cost next to nothing to use) and attain just as much as those
expensive and hit-and-miss blanket campaigns.

By focusing on a specific niche, industry, product, or service, you
can get the attention of your intended audience easily, make your
offer, and gain new business quickly and easily, all while doing what
comes easiest for you and providing exactly the service needed for your
customer. Your potential clients are intelligent and savvy; they know
what they want and when they see you offer that exact thing, they will
engage with you quickly and become faithful followers.

The power of placing yourself in front of their eyes has never been easier, and creating a brand and presence in the places where your clients will be found can be inexpensive and lucrative.

In addition to narrowing down your audience target to the exact
audience you want as ideal customers, it’s wise to offer them more
value than what they initially want. By being the best business owner
you can be, you will give them the confidence of knowing you are top-
notch in every area of your industry. This includes:

•Being current and up-to-date on your permits, licenses, insurance, and regulations.

• Always looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to save
money, not only for your business, but for your customer too.

• Staying current and possibly even a leader in furthering your education; this gives you the knowledge you’ll need to incorporate new techniques into your business.

• Have back-up plans in case of emergencies and keep a watchful eye on economic downturns by evaluating the effect they may have on your industry and business.

• Always be aware of your competition’s strategies and tactics;
stay one step ahead of them with your own techniques and
offers if possible.

In other words, be the exceptional operator.