Raven Seeker (Black Wolves Series Book 2) by JS Murphy

Raven Seeker (Black Wolves Series Book 2) by JS Murphy - affordable book publicity

In a different world, in a past lived long ago, Terrin-tie, a young Barraidi woman, is fascinated by the thousand-year-old ruins near her village. A tomb has revealed a staggering truth.

Provos Morrow has been torn from Mirren, his adopted country, by Barraidi slavers. Meeting Terrin-tie under grim circumstances, he leverages his value to protect her, but little can protect the two of them from events that seem likely to take both of their lives.

Journey to a world where the messages of the dead can guide the living, where epic adventure awaits, and where love, passion and blood entwine.

If you enjoy epic tales of adventure, action and love; if passion, drama and suspense appeal to you; you will love Raven Seeker and the Black Wolves series. Scroll up to buy Raven Seeker today.