The Auction - an engagingly horrific dystopian by Elci North

The Auction - A shocking tale of babies being sold by Elci North - affordable book publicity

Four women. One crime. When they discover the truth, can they topple an entire government?

America, the Future. Jane Stowe thought she had everything. Talented enough to be one of the few women allowed to work, the brilliant computer programmer is devastated when a drunken night of celebration results in her conceiving a child. And after she’s caught taking an under-the-table job, her promising career ends when she’s sentenced to prison for crimes against pregnancy.

Millie Jamison’s greatest dream is having a baby. After thirteen years of saving money to afford the best option available at The Auction, she’s relieved to at last have a new life growing inside her. But her joy turns to sorrow when her husband is injured and unable to work, sending the impoverished woman to pregnancy prison.

Meeting two other similarly disenfranchised women while incarcerated, Jane and Mille team with them to have their sentences appealed. Yet, the more they learn about the lies they’ve been told, the quartet realizes the only true solution to their problems is revolution…

With unflinching honesty and deep compassion, Elci North crafts a chilling fable of patriarchal oppression. Exposing the cruelty of treating women solely as reproductive vessels, she seamlessly blends a nightmare vision of a world that has lost its way with a powerful undercurrent of hope.

The Auction is a compelling work of women’s fiction. If you like relatable characters, fighting for what’s right, and the triumph of human will in the face of darkness, then you’ll love Elci North’s captivating call to action.

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