The Babysitter's Secret - Thriller by Eve Donaldson

The Babysitter's Secret - Thriller by Eve Donaldson - self-published book marketing service

They eloped after a whirlwind romance, but does she really know the man she married?

When Erica’s new husband, Robert, takes her back to his lavish home in California, she’s surprised to find he has two small children he never mentioned. And…he expects her to care for them full time.

She loves the kids, but the isolation of being a stay-at-home mom in a new city without a support system wears her down, especially because Robert works long hours and is rarely at home.

Robert’s wandering eye triggers Erica’s insecurities and trust issues. She suspects he isn’t as faithful to her as he claims.

Then one day she meets Chelsea, and she offers to babysit the kids so Erica can start the book she always wanted to write. A friendship develops, and it almost seems too good to be true until red flags start popping up. By the time Erica figures out who she can and can’t trust, everything has already started crumbling around her. Erica doesn’t know how to pick up the pieces, but one thing is for sure. The tidy suburban life she thought she had is far more dangerous than she realized.