Under an Azure Sky - Elysia Dayne: Book 1 by Wil Chan

Under an Azure Sky - Elysia Dayne: Book 1 by Wil Chan - self-published book marketing service

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Elysia Dayne was a simple farm girl with no inkling of the brutality of the wider world. Residing on a plateau high up in the heat of the Azurian highlands, where she lived a carefree life with her parents and, eventually, a sibling, she was also “friends” with a gigantic sapphire blue dragon. For years, she would admire the dragon from afar. Of course, the dragon was oblivious to such a friendship.

Elysia’s trajectory was irrevocably changed when a Feudal Lord arrived to slay the dragon, which had gained too much fame and notoriety, enough for a greedy human to wish to cut it from her and wear it for himself. With the situation out of control, the dragon inadvertently decimates Elysia’s village, destroying all that she loved.

With grief in her heart, and retribution on her mind, she follows the Feudal Lord to his homestead, a world away from her home, replacing eternal summer to a place of desolate winter, vowing to eventually kill him in a duel to the death.
This is the beginning of a story that weaves between her past and present to tell the tale of an innocent young girl who becomes an indomitable warrior renowned in the Nine Kingdoms as a slayer of dragons.

In the present timeline, she has become a person jaded by her experiences, going from one job to the next. Curiously, her next mission doesn’t involve dragons. Instead, she has to save a princess from a goblin fort…